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Because your Health is everything and as part of our portfolio we also have Emermédica to care for you and your family's health 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some of the benefits:


  • Telephone Medical Guidance (OMT)

    For 24 hours a day, a physician will be available to provide medical guidance relating to a given pathology and for the purpose of learning about and stabilizing its symptoms, providing you with peace of mind where you need it.


  • Home Medical Care (AMD)

    In the event that the normal health status of the member is altered, Emermédica provides medical assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.


  • Urgent Events

    These are events in which, although there is no imminent risk of death or incapacitating after-effects, there are alarming symptoms that require prompt medical intervention to stabilize the patient; some cases associated with emergencies include: fractures, burns, intoxications, mild injuries, renal colic, sprains, superficial cuts, among others. In the case of an urgent event, the Emermédica medical team will decide if the pertinent transfer is needed or not.


  • Emergencies

    These are situations in which there is a real and immediate risk of losing life; some cases associated with emergencies are: thrombosis, acute myocardial infarction and loss of consciousness, it is possible to survive in these cases if quick medical assistance is received and the professionals responding to the emergency must have ample knowledge, experience and all of the drugs, equipment and supplies required. Emermédica will assist, stabilize the member and, if necessary, transfer them to the preferred or nearest medical center as circumstances require.


  • Assisted Transfers

    Emermédica transports to clinics and